What Does a Shopify Agency Do?

Shopify experts are professionals who generate services and solutions that e-commerce seller needs through the use of Shopify as their platform. Shopify agencies possess their very own specialties; this includes branding, design, development, etc. This expertise is used to aid e-commerce businesses in developing their own online store and eventually help them grow. In simplest terms, Shopify agencies help online businesses begin, sell, market, and manage.

For example, you want a customized design for your online store. You can coordinate with a Shopify Agency to build this idea for you. Or, if you want a team to assist you with marketing, you could also reach out to services experienced in this specific field. You could either work with an agency specializing in one particular area or hire a separate team to aid with other things.

Shopify Agencies Do Provide Value. It is about time to work with a Shopify Agency if you see that:

  • There is too much for you and your team to handle.
  • You have many merchants in your e-commerce store, and every merchant would want their individual, unique design.
  • Your e-commerce store requires a sales strategy to pay off your marketing budget.
  • You need SEO to attract more customers.
  • If you notice that your store isn’t functioning well and that you want more customization.

Shopify Experts in the Netherlands

We believe in the power of branding to reach out to potential customers. Our branding services cater to your logo creation, visual guidelines, fonts, package design, etc. Every member of our time is committed to building timeless brands that convey your message to your potential market. Without a doubt, there is more to branding than just colors and logos; it is an ecosystem that is networked throughout many platforms. Below are the services we deliver:

  • Content Production
  • Custom Development
  • Digital Marketing
  • Integrations
  • User Experience Design

We Give Only The Best

Every project we work with is shared with a detailed understanding. We get to know our clients by understanding where they came from and where they’re heading. Learning our client’s stories will help us develop their ideas while delivering maximum return on investment (ROI). Our functional team passionately tackles all challenges and projects to uncover only excellent strategies for growing revenues.

Tips When Choosing The Best Shopify Agency

Well-Developed Portfolio

A Shopify agency with an excellent portfolio will help you weigh their expertise. Also, after seeing their portfolio, you will be able to identify their capabilities, as well as the approximate result that you will have with your own e-commerce store.

Excellent Communication Skills

When you want to develop your e-commerce store professionally, you will want a Shopify agency that can communicate well. A web developer with excellent communication skills will give you an update on the project, as well as the delays that may occur along the way.

Testimonials from Satisfied Customers

When an agency has positive testimonials to share from their previous clients, it is a sign that they can meet the expectations, as well as the specifications of an industry.


Having expertise in the web development industry for a long time, Shopify agencies can indeed implement upgrades and perform the migration of your site in a minimal time as possible. Agencies that are time-efficient are flexible in a quick-changing environment like the digital marketing industry. Moreover, it allows you, sellers, to optimize up-to-date functionalities as soon as possible before their competition.

Shopify Custom Web Design and Development

In the growing digital marketing industry, clients are primarily generated through online searches. Google accounts that more than six billion searches are done on their search engine every single day. Most of these searches are people searching for goods your business offers.

With the increasing competition, you don’t want to miss the opportunity to transform these searchers into potential customers. To successfully convert potential customers, they must reach your e-commerce site. As soon as they do, it is necessary that your e-commerce store is professionally designed, functional, and optimized for conversions.

Our web designers can develop a custom WordPress site that will captivate and attract prospects to eventually convert them into guaranteed new clients. We understand that your e-commerce site is the foundation of a fruitful marketing campaign. Thus, we make sure your store isn’t engineered poorly by a web design agency.

If you want to build your site or have an existing one that is outdated, let our web designers at codingliquid.com build you a cutting-edge, custom site that will maximize conversions and increase leads. If you think you need professional assistance with your e-commerce store, give us a call at We codingliquid.com. Our friendly experts are willing to assist you as soon as possible.


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